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How Lexile leveling works 

Lexile measures are based on over 30 years of research and are the most widely adopted measure of reading level and text difficulty.

Educators and students use Lexile measures to select books at a level that will challenge students – not so difficult as to be frustrating, but difficult enough to encourage reading growth.

  • How Lexile leveling measures students
    The Reading Pro Test

    This computer-adaptive test measures a student's reading comprehension using authentic passages from fiction and non-fiction texts

    The student gets a Lexile measure when he or she completes the Reading Pro Test

  • How Lexile leveling measures texts
    Objective measure

    Lexile text measure

    • Based on computer analysis of semantic elements of whole prose text
    • Word frequency
    • Sentence length
    Subjective factors

    Teacher/student judgement

    • Student support, background knowledge or motivation
    • Theme
    • Content
    • Age appropriateness

    Student's lexile level


    Text Lexile level


    Comprehensive way of matching readers to books


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